TV Musical Series Bible Treatment for


Created by Tom Humbert 


Wholly Broken is a new dramedy musical television series that will enlighten, enrich and entertain people about life's everyday challenges and triumphs.

Wholly Broken is not preachy and the results are inspiring, emotionally charged, and triumphant!

These are the stories of eight people whose lives are connected through events that happen in their community and continually intersect. They are as normal and as imperfect as anyone who has ever lived. The episodes take place in the beautiful Hamptons and are brought to life using original songs in the style of “Glee” or “Rent” to propel the plot's effects. Musical elements include Christian rock, pop, country and Broadway. There are no shortcuts taken here; these are great award-winning actors, singers and musicians.

The themes are developed from hot topics found in the news today: terrorism, gun control, gay marriage, LGBT, bullying in schools, alcohol and drug abuse, teen pregnancy and abortion, unemployment, etc. When problems arise, the characters must decide what actions to take and ultimately what to believe.

TAG LINE: Wholly Broken - A not-so-holy minister living in the Hamptons tries to heal a broken community.

 STORY FORMAT (How the show works) 

The shows are narrated by the main character Pastor Tom Matthews who is the facilitator of a new fellowship support group called "Religious Rehab" where we see all the main and secondary characters meeting once a month (aka. AA). The songs organically flow from the story beats and move the story forward as if they were sung monologues and/or sung dialogue. The plots are driven by hot button news topics that are current and relatable and with the use of flashbacks, each character's back story is slowly revealed which ultimately draws the viewer into a deeper relationship with that character and keeps them coming back for more.

The Story Engine 

The deep conflict of the story world is that all humanity is broken, imperfect and filled with much suffering which is in direct conflict with God's promise that he loves us and will never leave us. We explore the direct conflict of the existence of God through a group of characters who question, "Is God even listening...does God even care?"

The cognitive experience of the last beats of the TV musical movie pilot points us to the engine that drives the whole show - The desire to believe and trust in a loving God while living in a world

where our anxiety, inhumanity and brokenness make it almost impossible to do so. Wholly broken constantly asks the question, "Where is God?". The characters have moments of little challenges which hold out the promise of resolving the conflict and then suddenly their moments of achieving a small triumph are interrupted as they are plunged back into the original dilemma summoning the question, "Where are you God in my time of need?" Almost every character is an idealist living in a world filled with cynicism and suffering. They ask questions that other people don't. What matters is that each character stands out. At the end of episode two, a miraculous procedural element is introduced!

The basic locations are what you may find in any middle class neighborhood; a bar, a family home, the church, a restaurant, and various other locations dictated by the individual plots. Most effective are the many beautifully filmed scenes in the Hamptons at the ocean beaches, inlets, jetty rocks and marinas.

Story Topics 

1. Abortion - Right to Life / Birth Control

2. Abuse – Drug / Domestic / Physical / Emotional

3. Gun Control

4. High School - Bullying / Alcohol / Drugs / Sex / Peer Pressure

5. Unemployment

6. Race Relations

7. Illness and Disease

8. LGBTQ - Rights / Marriage

9. Terrorism - 9/11 Attack / War

10. Suicide


Major Characters

Each of the characters have their delicious little secrets, their gifted strengths and their fragile human weaknesses. 

Congresswoman Gabriella Dixon – 58-years-old (Susan Lucci starring in the upcoming series)

She recently moved from Albany to the Hamptons, close to where she was raised. Since the birth of the cell phone, she has taken up a new fight to end the "new drunk driving" of today...texting while driving. Although she is very well put together on the outside, she is not immune from the human struggles that affect us all. When she was 37, her mother died from breast cancer and 10 years later her husband was killed by a drunk driver. She is an only child and both parents are dead. She has a 24-year-old son who is a high school dropout and drug addict.

Pastor Tom Mathews - 45 years old 

The narrator of the show. He lives each day by the saying, "Too much of everything is just enough!" He is a genuine man of faith, a musician, singer and the facilitator of "Religious Rehab" which is similar to an AA meeting for people who are struggling with their faith and life. He's a

recovering alcoholic.

Kim Mathews - 40 years old. 

Tom's wife. A high powered lawyer who has set her career as the major priority of her life...even to the detriment of her marriage. 

Kristen Moore - 36 years old 

Single mom...but not by choice! Her true love, her first husband, died in 9/11. She has tried to move on. She remarried, had two children and is now divorced. Even though she keeps trying, Kristen will never find true love again. She's a waitress at the Krispy Biscuit.

Rose Anderson - 64 years old 

African American wife and grandmother whose elderly husband, Richard, is dying of Alzheimer's. She's a very optimistic, spiritual woman and a retired nurse. Loving, gentle, and hopeful are the perfect words to describe Rose.

Doug Tiannas - 47 years old 

A "Jack-of-all-trades" and Tom's longtime childhood atheist friend. He is the keyboardist in Tom's band "Higher Altitude".

Isabel Fernandez - 32 years old 

Single Hispanic mother who never married. She had Emma when she was 16 years old. She works two jobs to make ends meet; a cleaning lady by day and a bartender at night. 

Emma Fernandez– 16 years old 

High school student who is on the cheer team. She is very attractive, popular and intelligent but loves to party a little too much. She just wants to fit in… doesn't everybody?

Additional Minor Characters


David Garrett – 16 years old

Homosexual high school student and Emma's best friend. Lives every day

with peer pressure and bullying. He is the most honest and trustworthy person you'll ever meet.


Zack Smith – 17 years old

Love interest of Emma and David's high school friend. High school jock.

Pastor Greg – 65 years old

Pastor of the “Little Church of the Hamptons” and Tom's boss.

Tanner Hill - 32 years old

 Babysitter friend of Kristen who also waitresses at the Krispy Biscuit. She is

living with cystic fibrosis.

Noah Dixon - 24 years old

Congresswoman Dixon’s son who suffers from Bipolar disorder. A high school dropout and drug addict.

Paul Decker- 60 years old

Married father of three who works as a part time firearms salesman and as a

security guard at the high school.

Samantha G. - 38 years old

Scott's mom and high school English teacher.

Joe Nogle - 36 years old

Isabel’s abusive boyfriend.


Season 1


"What a Day"

It's September in the Hamptons as Tom tries to save his marriage, his job and the Little Church of the Hamptons only to hit rock bottom and rebound to become the man he's meant to be. After tragedy hits, the dramatic conclusion erupts filled with hope for tomorrow. 

EP 01/

"Why God?"

After the car accident, Congresswoman Dixon holds a press conference at the hospital where David and Scott are being treated. Isabel is abused by her boyfriend. Emma takes a pregnancy test. Tom asks for Kim’s help. Later at the hospital, is it coincidence or miracle?

EP 02/

"A Bump in the Road"

Paul's PTSD shows its ugly side. Isabel confronts her daughter about the pregnancy test. Rose struggles with Richard's Alzheimer’s illness. Tom and Kristen are

caught by Kim in an awkward situation. Emma talks with her “boyfriend” Zack. Congresswoman Dixon’s son get arrested.

EP 03/

"The Do Over"

Kristen battles her longtime depression. Congresswoman Dixon asks Pastor Tom for help with her son. During a “Religious Rehab” session, Rose receives a concerning

phone call and Isabel is assaulted in the parking lot. Emma tells her friend David that she's pregnant. Kim moves back home with Tom.

EP 04/

"God Has Shed His Grace on Thee"

Veteran's Day is approaching in this patriotic episode as Paul sells a gun to an unlikely customer. There is an active shooter at the high school. Emma loses the baby. Tom and Noah bond while Congresswoman Dixon leaves for Washington DC.

EP 05/

"In My Father's House"

Rose arrives home to emergency vehicles. Kristen sings with the band at practice when Tom experiences flashbacks of his childhood. Congresswoman Dixon returns for a rally at the high school for the victims. Noah scores some heroin. Kim cheats on Tom.

EP 06/

"If I Knew"

It’s almost Thanksgiving and Congresswoman Dixon and friends are

giving out turkeys at the Hamptons Little Church. Kristen sees a pin that triggers her memory of the morning of 9/11. At the end of a “Religious Rehab” session, Paul figures out that Isabel is being abused. Zack, David, Scott and friends party at Emma’s house. Tom discovers that Kim has been


EP 07/

“Deck Them Halls, It’s Christmas”

People gather at the Hamptons Little Church for a Christmas celebration. Congresswoman Dixon throws a holiday party at her home for friends. Isabel is pushed to the brink. Noah is out of control and overdoses. Kristen attempts suicide as she visits her first husband’s gravesite.



Season 1

EP 01/

"Why God"

Wishing My Dreams Come True SAMPLER3

EP 02/

"A Bump in the Road"

We Will Change the World With Love

EP 03/

"The Do Over"

The Let's Getaway Groove
I Am Yours

EP 04/

"God Has Shed His Grace on Thee"

America United
Your Love (Nothing I Did to Deserve)

EP 05/

"In My Father's House"

My Lord, My God
Bring Me To Your Glory

EP 06/

"If I Knew"

Imagine That Day
I Won't Give Up
If I Knew

EP 07/

"Deck Them Halls, It’s Christmas”"

Now's the Time
Magic Christmas
Deck Them Halls
The Savior of the World